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All your questions answered about joining ValidPath.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ValidPath is an FCA-Regulated IFA Network supporting a network of Financial Advisory Businesses and Independent Financial Advisers across the UK.

ValidPath has been operating as an FCA-regulated IFA Network since 2002. We have nearly 20 years of industry expertise supporting Independent Financial Advisers to provide best-practice financial advice to clients. You can learn more here.
A network of Financial Advisory Businesses and independent financial advisers, mortgage brokers and support personnel and their clients across UK. Whether you are newly qualified, an experienced IFA starting a new business, switching from another network or Directly-Authorised, our proposition is tailored to suit your needs and support your specific business needs.

ValidPath is:

  • Proudly independent and committed to independent financial advice;
  • Community-focused with a strong culture and commitment to our core values; and
  • Focused on supporting our Members to deliver better client outcomes to a wider demographic of people at greater profit and scale with less risk

For those Financial Advisory Firms aligned with our values, we provide the essential infrastructure, services and support that enables you to operate and thrive, so you can focus on what you do best: servicing your clients and building your business. Learn more here.

You would choose ValidPath for many reasons which may include:

  • You identify with the core values of independent financial advice, community and culture. You can read more in our Reflections document;
  • You resonate with the idea of an independent model that provides you with the level of support you need and autonomy you desire, within a compliant framework, to achieve your objectives
  • You are looking for a true partner that provides the back-office services that enables you to build your business and serve your clients in their best interests
  • You are looking to draw upon a comprehensive support proposition that includes robust technology, services on demand and investment propositions.
  • You like the idea of delivering better client outcomes to more people at greater profit with less risk.

We support a wide spectrum of financial advisory firms and business models across the UK including:

  • Accountancy-based advisory practices;
  • Financial-planning led advisory firms;
  • Centralised and discretionary-focused propositions;
  • Family offices;
  • Technology-led and remote service propositions;
  • Start-up firms;
  • Mortgage and general insurance only providers;
  • Lifestyle businesses;
  • And More…
Firstly, contact us to schedule an initial call where we are interested to understand more about your circumstances and objectives and so we can provide more information to you about ValidPath. To do so please complete the Enquiry Form or call us on 02920 494495.

Onboarding can take as little as four weeks from initial contact through to FCA approval and ‘sign off’ enabling you to provide financial advice depending on your individual circumstances.

We look for an alignment of values, culture and an approach to ‘treating customers fairly’, along with a viable business plan and financial advisory proposition.

Yes. Contact us today so we can learn more about your personal circumstances and status with regards to your ‘Competent Adviser Status’.
Yes. We welcome IFAs who are starting their own businesses and we can work with you through the entire stage of company incorporation, any relevant notice period (at your current/previous employer) and getting operational with your new business. Contact us today to learn more.
Yes. We can get you operational with new FCA Authorisation and new agency arrangements in a few weeks. We have experience helping firms transition to ValidPath because they resonate with our proposition, want more independence with how they run their business and service their clients or because they’ve simply had enough where they are. Contact us today to learn more.
Yes. We can provide the complete back-office infrastructure (authorisation, insurance, agency management, commission reconciliation, capital adequacy, compliance oversight), services and support that enables you to focus on your business, client and objectives. Contact us today to learn more.
We have almost 20 years’ experience supporting accountancy-based firms augment their client proposition with a financial advisory service. Please contact us to learn more.
Please contact us to schedule an initial call where we are interested to understand more about your circumstances and objectives and so we can provide more information to you about ValidPath or call us on 02920 494495.

No, there is no joining fee.

Our commercial model is simple. We charge a network deductive fee proportional to your revenue (i.e. a percentage). There are no upfront costs. The deductive fee is calculated based on your revenue, business model (i.e. pensions, investments, protection, etc.) and individual requirements (i.e. number of software licences, etc). The deductive fee is inclusive of all FCA fees, levies, PI insurance, software licence fees and all essential documentation and back-office administration, revenue reconciliation, compliance and other services. That is, you would ultimately retain the majority of all revenue that you generate, and it would be paid out to you on Thursday, each week.

Yes, we have a robust (and low cost) centralised investment proposition available for Members to use at their discretion in the best interests of their clients.

No. We are truly independently and proudly platform and provider agnostic, with over 450 agency relationships seeing us reconcile over 800 unique financial products per month.

Our Commitment
to Independence


As the network for Independent Financial Advisers, we believe that independent financial advice is as important today, as it will be tomorrow. To gain a deeper insight into what it means to be a Member of ValidPath, please view our booklet, ‘Reflections’, that has resonated with many advisers.

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