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Join a network with over 20 years' experience

A network with over 20 years’ experience.

ValidPath has been operating as an FCA-regulated IFA Network since 2002. We have nearly 20 years of industry expertise supporting Independent Financial Advisers to provide best-practice financial advice to clients. Our commitment to delivering a 'best-in-class' proposition has seen the network grow to include members all across the UK and a broad range of business models that service a diverse client-base. ValidPath is a financially secure and growing business that is part of the Rimbal group, a financial services and technology group.

Management Team


Angus is responsible for supporting business operations, strategy and our proposition. Angus has 15 years’ experience as an executive director of private, public and regulated companies in the financial servics and technology sectors. He is CEO of Rimbal, Executive Director (CF1) of FCA-regulated ValidPath and Preference Financial Services and holds a double degree in Mechatronic Engineering (Hons) and Computer Science and a seven-time Government Trade Delegate in financial services.

Angus MacNee
Managing Director

35+ years’ experience in financial services including 18 years’ experience as Executive Director (CF1) and CF10 of FCA-regulated ValidPath. Kevin is an expert in independent financial advice, the operation of IFA networks, compliance and FCA regulations. Kevin holds a Science Degree, a Diploma in Financial Planning, a Masters Degree and pursuing a PhD.

Kevin Moss

John as Non-Executive Director is responsible for supporting corporate governance. John has 35 years’ experience in executive management and as a company director in the financial, investment and technology sectors. He is a Director of Rimbal and FCA-regulated ValidPath and Preference Financial Services. John holds a Science and Engineering degree, an MBA, a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and is a Fellow of Australian Institute of Directors.


Elise is responsible for supporting marketing, brand and Member communications. Elise has 15 years’ experience in retail marketing, communications and strategy with over 10 years’ senior executive experience in financial services and banking. Elise has a Bachelor of Commerce, a Diploma of Market Research and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Elise Davies
Marketing & Communication Director

Nicola is responsible for compliance and supporting our financial advice framework. Nicola has 25+ years’ experience in accounting, financial planning, compliance and financial services including 13 years’ within ValidPath. Nicola is Chartered Financial Planner and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Oxford and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.

Nicola Butterworth
Advice and Compliance Director

Richard is responsible for supporting Members and developing our network proposition. Richard has 20 years’ experience in banking, investment management, financial advice, technology and compliance. Richard is qualified as a Chartered Financial Adviser and Securities Trader and holds a Communications Degree from UNISA and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

Richard Phillips
Network Development Director

Brad is responsible for network technology, data and supporting software systems. Brad has over 10 years’ experience as a company director and CTO in technology, software engineering and online application development. Brad was responsible for an engineering team that developed financial network management technology including LAMP, PIPE and TIDI platforms to manage £100 million transactions monthly and 1,000’s of financial advisers.

Brad Powar
Technology and Data Officer

Heledd is responsible for supporting network, business and Member-related operations. Heledd has almost 5 years’ experience in supporting network operations, agency, commissions management and RMAR and adviser reporting. Heledd holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.

Network Operations Supervisor

Rhian is responsible for financial accounting, RMAR reporting and company bookkeeping. Rhian has 25+ years’ experience in accounting, auditing and financial services. Rhian is Financial Controller of ValidPath and Director of RLJ & Co Chartered Accountants. Rhian holds a Science Degree from Loughborough University.

Rhian Lewis-James
Network Financial Controller

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